Embodied Processing

Change your life

You know that feeling when every decision is impossible to make? That constant “unease” in the background like a white noise?

If you feel stuck every time you want to move forward in life, change something, get out of the addiction, depression, then you probably have unconscious blocks that are sabotaging your efforts.

What if i told you it is possible to heal? How would it feel to be completely free to choose the way you want your life to be?

Embodied Processing is a trauma healing modality that is grounded in both the latest neuroscience as well as the ancient healing traditions. The process helps us to draw on the body’s innate intelligence to discharge stress, heal, and return to homeostasis. By guiding ourselves and our clients to meet ourselves at the roots, exactly as we are; transformation happens on its own.

Trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, overwhelm, people pleasing, dysfunctional relationship patterns, self sabotage, low self esteem, chronic pain.  All of this has roots that live as contracted stress in our body which dysregulates our nervous system, causing suffering and pain in our daily lives.