Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a technique that use hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives.

Anger Management

Anger management is about knowing what triggers the anger and the early warning signs of anger.

Weight Loss

Using 123 Diet Drops and Hypnotherapy


Learn to treat PTSD, Trauma, underlying issues such as depression, anxiety and addictions. Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms? Intrusive memories Nightmares and flashbacks Decreased concentration Shame, self-hatred Hopelessness Panic attacks Low self-worth Emotional overwhelm Complicated grief Self-destructive behaviors Substance abuse Hypervigilance Dissociation Depression Irritability Insomnia Tranquility Counselling Services can help you to […]

Grief And Loss

Coping with the loss of somone or something you love is one of the biggest challenges.  

Children and Adolescents

Children and Adolescents Navigating through life isn’t always easy.  Need help to make sense of your thoughts? Cost Is reasonable and affordable. Pensioner and Health care card discounts offered also. Treatment and Process At times is is hard to make sense of life, and at times it is too much or too hard to work […]

Marriage Relationship

Marriage Counselling Is there a lack of intimacy or communication breakdown within your marriage.  Are you not spending time togther, has having children changed the way in which you relate to each other?  Our counsellor is experienced in working with couples to enable them to get back on track. Cost Is reasonable and affordable. Pensioner […]


Depression Depression can be very dibilitating not ony to the client but the family also.  If you are struggling with work or personal issues that are the causing you to feel depressed and unable to function effectively their is help available to support you to live your life in more peaceful and happy way. Cost […]


Simple, Proven Tips for Staving Off Anxiety Attacks It’s normal to deal with occasional anxiety. In fact, normal anxiety can help protect you in various situations. But when you have an anxiety disorder, it’s a different story. This means that you are frequently attacked with excessive and intense fear and worry about daily life scenarios. […]