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Welcome to Tranquility Counselling Gold Coast, your oasis of professional and compassionate support in Paradise Waters. Led by Ros, a seasoned counsellor with an extensive 45 years of experience, our practice is dedicated to guiding individuals through life’s challenges with empathy and expertise.

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From individual counselling sessions to couples therapy and coaching, our experienced team is here to support you on your journey to healing and growth. We provide a safe and non-judgmental space where you can explore your thoughts and emotions, gain valuable insights, and develop effective coping strategies.

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I have been working with Ros for a few years now and was fortunate enough to be able to participate in her 6 Week Empowerment course. During this course I was surrounded by a group of wonderful women who were each on their own journey but were able to come together to support each other. Ros’ course allowed me to identify my goals, strengths, values and build confidence at a steady and comfortable pace. I would highly recommend investing in yourself and participating in the Empowerment Course because there is something to be learnt by everyone!

Tamsin x


Ros:) Thank you so so much:)) Myself (especially) and Angeline are feeling so exited on our healing journey. I don’t understand how it works (which i do not need to), now i speak better, see better, don’t care about stuff that doesnt matter (like speling):))..anyways, terima Kasi (thank you) Ros. From Pat and Angie:))

Patrick Chung


A beacon of hope and healing, I wholeheartedly recommend Ros from Tranquillity Counselling to anyone seeking a compassionate and insightful counsellor. It has been a privilege working with Ros, she is the most passionate and remarkable woman I have met. What stands out most about Ros is her unwavering support and genuine care for her clients, and her commitment to holistic wellbeing. Out of all my years of therapy with different counsellors and psychologists, I feel that I have made the most progress in my healing journey with Ros. Ros’s life mission of helping others elevates the counselling experience to a higher level, and her impact extends far beyond the counselling room. Five stars hardly seem sufficient to capture the transformative impact of her services.



I had an awful bout of anxiety last year that was causing panic attacks multiple times daily and interfering with my life, my job, my friendships and relationships. Ros helped me so much through this time- kind support and listening and went above and beyond to be there for me in those scary moments. I have so much to be thankful for to her now ! It’s been 5 months since I have seen Ros and I am so proud to say I have not had any panics since. Anytime stress build up again I have all the tools and techniques to get myself back to a place of health ! Thankyou for helping me find ME again ! Much love to you Ros. Beautiful human.


Mikaela Patterson


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