Daily Gratitude

Waking early each morning is one of the highlights of my day.  I wake to watch the sunrise each morning.  It is the most amazing feeling I have been experiencing for quite some time.  You see my life was never an easy journey and if I’m honest it’s been challenging every day to find peace, harmony, and contentment.

Finding my inner peace meant I needed to go deep within my soul and find my true meaning of life and what I needed not what others thought I needed.  To say my life has been blessed was something I struggled with for many many years.

 Coming from a dysfunctional family and being abandoned at the age of ten years old by both parents was where all the fears, trials, and tribulations started.  However, after enduring years of uncertainty, self-destruction, anger, frustration and resentment, I became the person I am today.

 A professional woman working in my own private practice supporting others to become the best version of themselves.  My journey of life gave me the lessons, to find the tools and resilience I needed to follow my dream of becoming a therapist and support others.  

My goal was to work with young women who were lost in the world of grief, trauma, and instability.  I achieved that goal after many years of struggle working on my own self-image.  I never felt worthy of being loved or treated with respect.  Why would I, my parents left me so why would anyone else give me the love and support I needed?  Then I found my peaceful place which was just being.

No matter where I was I needed to just be and embrace what I had.  Sitting by the beach, in a park, or just going for a drive in the mountains have me the peace and harmony I needed to focus on just me.  I suffered from anxiety and panic all my life up until two years ago and suffer no more from this debilitating illness.  I found that I needed to love myself first so that I could feel safe and secure, which then allowed me to be able to trust others.