Are you someone who has experienced trauma in the past or you might be struggling with depression, anxiety, relationships issues, and feelings of isolation?

Those issues won’t go away unless you are willing to make a conscious choice that you are ready to allow the true healing in your life and become responsible for yourself.

Many people live with the effects of trauma as they can’t bring themselves to re-visit their trauma and discuss it.  Using Hypnotherapy to remove the negative emotional attachment to the Trauma.

It leaves you feeling peace and tranquility instead of experiencing hyper-vigilance every day a d being trapped in your mind and living in fear.

Trauma can be so debilitating and many people can barely function in a positive or healthy way.  I have introduced to Hypnosis ten years ago and it changed my life dramatically.

I now have my own counselling practice and am about to embark on the most exciting journey of writing my own book on Trauma and how one can overcome the fears and take back control of your own life.