Are you feeling traumatised from a life event or illness

Our Counsellor at Gold Coast Counselling can support you with this.  Gold Coast Counselling specialise in working with Traumatised clients.  Being traumatised is to be rendered helpless, powerless and/or living in fear of losing yourself and your identity, physical, emotional and spiritual integrity.

Trauma can be defined by sexual assault/rape, war, natural disasters, child abuse, accidents, exploitation and betrayal, life-threatening illness, loss of a partner or child and any other traumatic events.

When a person is faced by a trauma and is crippled by overwhelming and debilitating life-events, their whole self and reality are questioned. Trauma forces us to reconsider our lives, experiences, self and relationships, on a physical, mental and spiritual way.

Trauma causes us to engage in disruptive or self-destructive coping strategies such as depression, panic attacks, addictions, illness and lack of control. Trauma can violate our ideas about the world and of human rights and can leave us questioning our conceptions of reality, structures of identity, interpersonal relationships. We can often think that broken worlds only happen in our world.

Unless a person has worked through a similar life event they are unable to understand the effect of a traumatized individual.   Gold Coast Counselling uses Hypnotherapy to revisit and confront the trauma and reframe it in a more positive way to enable you to move on with your life by taking back the control that you lost.  Using age regression during hypnosis allows the traumatized individual to embrace their life experiences, loss and fears and their brokenness in a very safe, secure way whilst feeling very supported.

Accepting that we are vulnerable and surrendering to our assumptions about life allows us to develop a new sense of reality. Recovery and restoration can only happen when we are ready to let go of our point of fact about the world, in so doing, we are able to continue our journey without living in constant fear.

As a therapist I see many patients who have suffered some type of trauma, they are crippled with emotional and physical pain.  They are in pieces, disconnected from familiar frames of reference and disconnected from reality.  Making the first step is the hardest and having faith through that they can move past their suffering is the hardest part.   Make the choice today to rid yourself of the pain and suffering you have endured for way too long.  Have faith in yourself that you can change and reframe you mind to live a happier, healthier life.