Meet Our Team

Ros Philips and Abid Sid

About Ros Phillips

Ros Phillips is an insightful, engaging Counsellor. She works with clients across a broad range of presenting issues and is passionate about providing counselling that supports clients of all ages and range of concerns.

Ros’s warm and genuine approach creates a safe environment for her clients to explore issues, discover underlying ideals, beliefs and insights into how they can effect change in their lives to find meaning and purpose. She works together with her clients, focusing on developing strategies that encourage positive outcomes from difficulties, which may be stopping clients from leading a balanced and empowered life.

About Abid Sid

 Abid Siddique is a skilled counsellor In Australia and providing therapeutic support to clients with a vast array of concerns.

Abid endeavors to understand the unique experience of each client, and his warm and empathic approach and genuine concern enables his clients to relax and explore their lives and current struggles in a safe therapeutic environment.

Abid believes in encouraging each person to grow to be the best version of themselves that they can be, in any given life

Abid has appointments available only via zoom and Skype.