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Is reasonable and affordable. Pensioner and Health care card discounts offered also.


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  • Mon – Friday: 9.00AM -5.00PM
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Treatment and Process

If you are wanting to QUIT smoking hypnotherapy is a very effective method to use.   Whilst dealing with the subconscious mind it is about using Direct Behaviour Therapy to change the patterns of behaviour that have been created to enable the addiction.  Using Hypnotherapy can stop you from smoking in one or two sessions.  Remembering it is not a quick fix and that hypnotherapy is not a miracle tool that will stop you from smoking just using hynotherpay.  The client must really want to STOP and allow the therapist to work and retrain the thought patterns in the brain and replace the old behaviours with new suggestions which will suppor the client to STOP Smoking and live a healthier life.

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Why People Choose
Tranquility Counselling

Our practice is situated on the water and is a very peaceful environment where you can discuss your concerns with an exerienced counsellor.


Knowledge and Expertise

The counsellor has over 40 years experience in counselling and psychotherapy. She is an eclectic counsellor who can counsel and support you in a number of different areas that are concerning you. Dealing with mental health issues such as Anxiety, Self Esteem and Self Worth, Depression and PTSD.

Cost of sessions

Our costs are very competitive. We are here to support our clients so keep our costs as low as possible and offering pensioner and health care card holders discount. We are more about supporting the client than charging over the top FEES. We accept cash or Direct Deposit.

Easy ACCess and Parkng

We are situated on the beautiful Gold Goast at Buds Beach. You can catch the Tram or Bus and we are within walking distance. If you are driving you can park in the visitiors cars parkin the front of the building. Their is also parking at the front of the building with easy access to the counselling area.

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Skype is secure and easy to access
One of the major benefits of Skype counselling is that it's a visual medium.

Live video counselling enables you and your counsellor to speak with and see each other throughout your session, which helps to build trust and a sense of connectedness.

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